Jordi Oliver

“Click into Nature” 24-25 Octubre. Tardor

The 2nd workshop of Click into Nature has come to the end!!! We want to thank all participants for your incredible creativity, your energy and your big smiles. It was an unforgettable experience,we covered all aspects of working photographically in the nature, from landscapes to details, realistic and surreal, from installations to fashion and from …

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Fanfara Transilvania

Fanfara Transilvania is a fantastic and more appreciated Balkan-Gypsy-Brass band from Romania,Transilvania is historical region of “Dracula”. Somewhere in the foothills of Dealul Cetatii (Stronghold Hill), located in the Carpathian Mountains there is a town called Cugir. Next to an old arms factory, close to the ancient Dacian fortress known as Sigidava. There is the …

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Calendario Atades

Este Calendario es un encargo de la Asociación Atades. ATADES, Asociación Tutelar Asistencial de Discapacitados Intelectuales es una entidad de carácter privado, orientada como fin primordial y genérico a la asistencia y tutela de los discapacitados intelectuales durante todo su ciclo vital. Sin ánimo de lucro, su ámbito de actuación comprende la Comunidad Autónoma de …

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