“Click into Nature” 24-25 Octubre. Tardor

The 2nd workshop of Click into Nature has come to the end!!!

We want to thank all participants for your incredible creativity, your energy and your big smiles. It was an unforgettable experience,we covered all aspects of working photographically in the nature, from landscapes to details, realistic and surreal, from installations to fashion and from serious to extreme phantasy and HUMOR !!
All this in one weekend! A special thanks to Centre Artinatura for his collaboration the centre make us feel so warm and at home, with the beautiful cuisine of Arnau de Farrera and the wonderful spirits and accommodation of Lluis!

Now we take a deep breath and start to prepare to see you back for our winter edition the first weekend of March.

See you then with a big click , Jordi oliver and Tati Finchi

Love photo!

Aloysius Brideshead, Toni El Garretilla, Núria ST, Elisabeth Soler, Mequè Edo, Joan Buixareu,Ylenia Oncins Samá, Yalna and Daria, Anna Svobodova,David Fischer Baglietto and Centre Artinatura

click into nature-2

click into nature-3660

click into nature-3709

click into nature-3746

click into nature-3765

click into nature-3773

click into nature-3821

click into nature-3829

click into nature-3833

click into nature-3849

click into nature-3852

click into nature-3866

click into nature-3869

click into nature-3897

click into nature-3915

click into nature-3931

click into nature-3947

click into nature-3967

click into nature-3984

click into nature-4021

click into nature-4024

click into nature-4042

click into nature-4100

click into nature-4125

click into nature-4179

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