Fanfara Transylvania

Fanfara Transylvania is a fantastic and very appreciated Balkan-Gypsy-Brass band from Romania, Transylvania is the historical region of “Dracula”. Somewhere in the foolthills of Dealul Cetatii (Stronghold Hill), located in the Carpathian Mountains there is a town called Cugir. Next to an old arms factory and close to the Dacian fortress know as Sigidava. There is a point on the map where the traditional Gypsy brass band fanfare Transylvania sprung into life sometime in 2008. The group is made up out of 10 musicians; members include brothers, cousins, godparents and god fathers who transmit their passion for tradition and community values from father to son thus preserving their rich musical heritage. These traditions have been kept alive for centuries and Fanfare Transylvania play something peculiar for this old province: brass music combining the traditions of ancient Gypsy music, executed at breathtaking speed (up to 200 beats per minute) with those of the Balkans,  producing wonderful rhythmical tunes.  

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